Speaking Of Speaking

I Just Got Back From A Trip To Cuba! Part One: People

January 18, 2023 Carl Richards Season 5 Episode 111
Speaking Of Speaking
I Just Got Back From A Trip To Cuba! Part One: People
Show Notes

Have you ever noticed how some speakers hit the mark every single time, while others struggle to make a point and gain the trust of their audience? Ever wondered why that is?

So much of what we do in the speaking world is share our ideas, thoughts, feelings. What we sometimes fail to share clearly is our stories. We water them down by leaving parts out, or just simply skim over and expect people to fill in the blanks. It would be like looking at just the outline of a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa; it doesn't have the same effect as the detailed brush strokes.

Over the next five episodes Carl Richards will share in detail some ways you can enhance your speaking by telling stories. Not just any stories, YOUR stories! He'll give examples of everyday experiences you could encounter while on a business trip or vacation. Part one today is all about People! Here are the pro-tips:

#1 Give a name (Don't know it, make one up!)
#2 Cite a real situation (needs to be believable!)
#3 Give a 'why'

Listen to the episode to fill in the blanks and get more detail.

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