Financial Services Marketing: Don’t fall for Wile E. Coyote marketing (episode #57)
How I Made it in Marketing
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How I Made it in Marketing
Financial Services Marketing: Don’t fall for Wile E. Coyote marketing (episode #57)
May 01, 2023 Season 1 Episode 57
Christina Martin

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Hold a newspaper or magazine or other reading material right up to your face. I mean touching your nose close. Way too close.

What do you read? Nothing. It’s all a blur, right?

Now hold it at a comfortable distance. Everything comes into focus.

This is the perfect analogy for a challenge many marketers face. When it comes to an audience at arm’s length – namely, our current and potential customers – we are practiced at using our communication skills to help them understand the perceived value of our products and overcome any possible anxiety.

But the group of people we are closest to – the ones working inside the very same walls as us, so to speak – our colleagues. We can overlook the necessity of understanding their possible anxieties, the non-monetary costs they face, and help them understand the process-level value proposition for actions they need to take.

We can be so focused on doing the thing, we overlook communicating why others should join us in getting it done.

Or as our next guest puts it, “change agents need broad support.”

I talked to Christina Martin, Executive Director of Marketing for Chase Auto, JP Morgan Chase and Company (, on the latest episode of the How I Made It In Marketing podcast to hear the story behind that lesson, along with many more lesson-filled stories.

Martin manages a team of six engaged in B2C marketing for Chase Auto.

JP Morgan Chase has $3.7 trillion in assets and $292 billion in stockholders’ equity as of December 31, 2022. One out of every two households in America have a relationship with JP Morgan Chase.

Stories (with lessons) about what she made in marketing

Some lessons from Martin that emerged in our discussion:

  • Don’t fall for Wile E. Coyote marketing.
  • Change agents need broad support.
  • Great brands consistently tell their story.
  • Stay close to the well head.
  • Observation is a powerful research technique.
  • A problem isn’t a problem if it can be solved with money.

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