Zer0 Books and Repeater Media
Cybernetics and the Left: Communist Synergy or Capitalist Machines?
Cybernetics and the Left: Communist Synergy or Capitalist Machines? 1:03:44 Sci-Fi and the Politics of the Future: An Interview with Steven Shaviro featuring Acid Horizon 1:10:02 'Specters of Revolt': Marxism, Anarchism, and Resistance to Capitalism with Richard Gilman-Opalsky 1:27:49 'High John the Conqueror: A Novel' and Beyond: An Interview with Tariq Goddard 1:13:35 Do Communists Understand Money? Marxism and the Economics of Value w/ Colin Drumm and Acid Horizon 1:02:28 Anarchism, Anti-Capitalism, and Marxist Heresies in 'Operaismo: History, Genealogy, Method' 1:02:40 The Capitalism of the Ego: James Hillman's Critique of the Ego Function in Psychoanalysis 13:15 The Anarchism and Philosophy of Max Stirner with Acid Horizon 1:11:35 Mark Fisher's 'Flatline Constructs': Reading Group Wrap Up #1 1:05:37 A Marxist Analysis of the Petty Bourgeoisie in Dan Evans' "A Nation of Shopkeepers" 1:15:29 Notes from Below: British Marxist Autonomism with Kenny Novis 1:06:08 'Radical Chains: Why Class Matters': Chris Nineham with Kenny Novis 1:10:54 Repeater Books Presents 'Tonight It's A World We Bury' with Bill Peel and Dawn Ray'd 1:12:09 Zer0 Books presents 'Fear Before the Fall' with Alexander Herbert and Laborkyle 49:25 'Whole World in an Uproar' with Aaron J Leonard and Kenny Novis 58:47 The Marxism of Utopia: An Introduction to Ernst Bloch with The LitCritGuy 1:04:37 'Deep Sniff' with Adam Zmith 51:52 Anti-Psychiatry and Counterculture: 'Retreat' by Matthew Ingram 1:04:40 Baroque Sunbursts: God, Geist, and Transcendental Black Metal feat. Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix of LITVRGY 1:07:02 'Sick of It All' with AngryWorkers and Kenny Novis 58:18 Baudrillard: The Hyperreality [or the Ecstasy] of Posting on Twitter (radio edit) 49:49 Is Ideology Unconscious? with Kenny Novis and Gil Morejon 1:09:43 Capitalist Realism: Is There Still No Alternative? with Alex Niven 55:49 Zer0 Classics presents 'Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on American Maoists' 1:03:05 Marx Fisher vs. Nick Land featuring Nicholas Blincoe 47:49