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Why Class Matters: Daniel Tutt and Lillian Cicerchia
Why Class Matters: Daniel Tutt and Lillian Cicerchia 1:19:27 In Conversation with Decolonial Psychoanalysis: Robert Beshara and Fernanda Magallanes 1:03:37 Bataille: Nietzsche or Communism? An Interview with Stuart Kendall and Acid Horizon 1:27:06 The Future of the Lacanian Left with Daniel Tutt and Gabriel Tupinambá 21:07 Conver/gences: What Happened to the Communal, Revolutionary Spirit? with Gareth Watkins 43:38 Kinetic Marxism: An Interview with Thomas Nail 1:08:41 The Lacanian Left, Self-Help, and the Family feat. Richard Seymour 1:35:17 Creepiness and Awkwardness in Neoliberal Media 43:54 The K-Files: Mark Fisher's 'Terminator Versus Avatar' 1:29:48 Myths in Crisis: Prometheus, Gaia, and Marxism 1:33:15 Conver/gences: Cedric Robinson, Black Marxism, and the Black Radical Tradition 1:00:02 The K-Files: Have You Been Enjoying Yourself? 1:18:12 The K-Files: Who's Pulling Your Strings? featuring Amy Ireland 1:43:28 Profane Illuminations: Utopia 45:40 A Failure of Vision': Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism' by Doug Greee 1:27:15 The K-Files presents 'Robin Mackay: A CCRU Retrospective' 1:43:58 Zer0 Books Archives - Semiotext(e), Lotringer, and the Early Zer0 Blogosphere with Owen Hatherley 53:30 Zer0 Books Archive: Babbling Corpse with Grafton Tanner 1:06:33 The K-Files: Astrolithic Megapunk 1:21:24 Zer0 Books Archives - 'The Productive Body' with Philip Barnard and Stephen Shapiro 56:07 Zer0 Books Archives - 'All Things Are Nothing To Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner' 57:13