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WORK WILL NOT SAVE YOU: Federico Campagna's 'The Last Night: Anti-Work, Atheism, Adventure'
Episode Artwork WORK WILL NOT SAVE YOU: Federico Campagna's 'The Last Night: Anti-Work, Atheism, Adventure' 5:00 Episode Artwork The Anti-Capitalism of the Underworld: James Hillman, Mark Fisher, and Fulcanelli with Andy Sharp 54:55 Episode Artwork Lacan, Genre, and the Enjoyment of Music with David Burke and Acid Horizon 1:10:29 Episode Artwork Against the Vortex: Zardoz and Degrowth Utopias in the Seventies and Today with Anthony Galluzzo 1:05:10 Episode Artwork We're All Running from The Terminator: The Radical Left Versus Capitalism 9:33 Episode Artwork Who Was Errico Malatesta? with Davide Turcato 54:30 Episode Artwork Wales, Colonialism, and the Landscape of History: "Of Talons and Teeth" w/Niall Griffiths 51:26 Episode Artwork 'How to Read Like a Parasite: Why the Left Got High on Nietzsche' with Daniel Tutt 1:05:31 Episode Artwork Who Was Wilhelm Reich? The Theory and Practice of Reichian Therapy with Dan Lowe and Acid Horizon 1:02:36 Episode Artwork Interventions - "Identity Politics: The Uses and Abuses of a Term" 19:34 Episode Artwork Is Social Media Capitalism's Postmodern Pleasure Trap? 'Filling the Void' w/ Marcus Gilroy-Ware 1:01:15 Episode Artwork Anti-Oculus x We Hear Only Ourselves Live at Tenderbooks in London, UK 11.21.23 1:04:08 Episode Artwork Beyond the Politics of the Rural and Urban Divide: Vron Ware's 'Return of a Native' 59:50 Episode Artwork Do We Need A "Revolution from Below"?: Anton Pannekoek and Council Communism 9:39 Episode Artwork What is 'Collapse Feminism"? with Alice Cappelle 56:35 Episode Artwork Blockchain Radicals: How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It with Joshua Dávila 1:04:34 Episode Artwork A How To Guide to Cosmopolitan Socialism with Matt McManus 1:03:25 Episode Artwork No Platform for Fascists: Tactics and History of British Antifascism w/ Evan Smith 55:09 Episode Artwork Do We Need More or Less Law? David Renton's 'Against the Law' 1:01:27 Episode Artwork Slashers, Serial Killers, and Deconstructing the 'Final Girl': The Graveyard Shift with Maria Lewis 56:33 Episode Artwork Utopia, Resistance, and the Black Panthers: We Hear Only Ourselves w/ Bill Cashmore 1:04:56 Episode Artwork Are We Narcissistic Enough? 'Narcissus in Bloom' and The History of the Selfie with Matt Colquhoun 1:09:53 Episode Artwork Marx and Spinoza on the Ideology of Work Under Capitalism: Jason Read's 'The Double Shift' 1:03:43 Episode Artwork Can Workers Take Back The World They Made Under Capitalism?: Dig Where You Stand 1:06:35 Episode Artwork Critical Theory Goes Supernatural! Blue Light of the Screen: Horror, Ghosts, and God w/Claire Cronin 1:04:04