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Civil War, Assimilation, Immigration, and Career Navigation - The Journey to Talent Acquisition Leadership

January 19, 2023 Jim Season 3 Episode 3
Cascading Leadership - The Show
Civil War, Assimilation, Immigration, and Career Navigation - The Journey to Talent Acquisition Leadership
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Dr. Jim welcomes Hamid Bangura to the show to discuss the importance of access to opportunity being the true foundation for success, rather than talent alone. They discuss how it is important to not confuse what makes sense with what drives one to make a difference, as well as why one cannot KPI their way to success if their product is people. Hamid reveals that he has been an independent contributor as a technical recruiter, covering a wide range of skill sets primarily on the IT side, ranging from engineering to executive recruiting. 

Hamid  is a recruitment manager who has been in the staffing and recruiting industry for  years. He has worked in management, director and national roles, and has traveled to other countries such as India to help build branches there. His current role is working for Amazon AWS, where he deals with high-level software engineers and software development managers. He is also responsible for offers and interacting with the business. Hamid immigrated to the United States from Sierra Leone when he was young, with his parents, in search of opportunity. They settled in a small town in Central Illinois.

Hamid Bangura's parents made the decision to immigrate to the United States from Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, the quality of education and access to basic necessities like consistent power had been declining, making life there increasingly difficult. Therefore, they decided that the US would offer a better future for their family. He and Dr. Jim also discussed the similarities of their immigration stories, as both of them immigrated at a young age from their respective countries.

 Hamid shares his experience of life in Sierra Leone during the civil war. Hamid's family were still living there at the time and they relied on short wave radio for news. The war lasted 11 years, had a devastating effect on people, and the family tried to help in whatever way they could. Hamid only returned to Sierra Leone in 2017, and saw first-hand the extreme poverty and lack of resources. He also saw that people were still enjoying life and being resilient despite the difficult circumstances. He noted that there is no middle class, only those with money and those who struggle, and that the open-air markets are selling mostly goods from Asia. Lastly, he pointed out that many people lack access to clean water and food, making life even more difficult.



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