Cascading Leadership - The Show

Inclusion, Talent Strategy, and Leadership Highlights

February 13, 2023 Jim Season 3 Episode 7
Cascading Leadership - The Show
Inclusion, Talent Strategy, and Leadership Highlights
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This episode features key takeaways from the conversation with Jiquanda Nelson - 

  • How to build an inclusion culture 
  • How to set up a strong foundation for DEIB strategy 
  • How DEIB benefits organizations 

Additionally, this episodes covers highlights form the conversation with John Graham Jr. 

  • How to have constructive conversations about DEIB
  • How to move beyond the talent attraction hamster wheel 
  • How unconscious bias impacts the hiring process

Additionally, a sneak peak of the  upcoming episode of Cascading Leadership featuring Brian Bennett, a leader with a unique perspective on how to build strong organizational leadership cultures. 

Brian has spent time in the healthcare and IT spaces, implementing systems and helping organizations level up their leadership capabilities. This episode, along with the others released in February, will be beneficial for those looking to increase their talent management and talent strategy capabilities. 



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Heading: Leveraging Unique Perspectives to Level Up Leadership Capabilities

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[00:00:00] Dr. Jim: Thanks everybody for joining us on this quick episode of Cascading Leadership. Wanted to get everybody caught up on what has happened so. Far in February, which has been a phenomenal month of great conversations. If you haven't caught these episodes yet, I'd encourage you to go ahead and and hop in and catch them.

[00:00:17] Dr. Jim: So we opened the month with some tremendous conversation featuring Jaqua Nelson and my co-host Lawrence Brown. This conversation features A C E O, one of the 40, under 40 a strong d e i strategist and someone that had a lot to bring to the table in terms of making your organization more effective from an inclusion perspective.

[00:00:38] Dr. Jim: A few of the things that you're gonna want to tune into Jaqua D'S episode about and this is shaped by her experience growing up and being part of that gifted program, is that ha that shaped her journey into work within the d e I space.

[00:00:53] Dr. Jim: A lot of the conversation that we had with QUANDA focuses on how you build a strong strategic [00:01:00] footing for your D E I initiatives, but there's particular attention. Paid to the benefits of d e i in the workplace in terms of how you can make your organization a lot more effective. You're, there's also a really strong case for how to build a more inclusive organization.

[00:01:18] Dr. Jim: And then last but certainly not least, there's also a quite a bit of time that's spent on the value. Of mentoring and sponsoring within an organization. So if you're a talent leader who is looking to advance any or all of those things it would be highly recommended for you to check out's episode.

[00:01:39] Dr. Jim: We followed up Jaqua DE's episode in February with the episode that came out last week which was featuring John Graham Jr. Who is a bestselling author and also. VP of employer brand diversity and culture at Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

[00:01:54] Dr. Jim: This was a really interesting conversation and one of the main topics [00:02:00] here was to talk about how you build a talent attraction flywheel. And the interesting thing about this conversation is that, you would think. The entire discussion would be focused on how do you attract more people to the organization?

[00:02:14] Dr. Jim: And we actually expose a pretty fundamental flaw in that sort of thinking. When we're looking at the corporate world, everybody in the corporate world is focused on focusing all of their attention in how to attract more people and bring them into the fold. The issue that John and I both explore in our conversation is that's flawed in that if you're bringing.

[00:02:35] Dr. Jim: Into your organization, especially those from underrepresented communities, and you don't have the infrastructure set up to help them thrive, you're actually just spending a lot of money to drive up your attrition rate. And that's one of the great quotes that comes out of out of the conversation. So some of the other areas that we cover in the conversation.

[00:02:54] Dr. Jim: So if you're a talent leader and you're looking at how to build culture and[00:03:00] cultural intelligence and representation of marginalized communities within your organization and how you actually bring leader, Into the fold and have leadership be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

[00:03:13] Dr. Jim: Those are some of the key things that we talk about in in the conversation. Certainly there's another aspect. Of the discussion where we talk about how do you even begin the conversation in a constructive way to advance and expand the cause of D E I B within your organization.

[00:03:31] Dr. Jim: So there's a lot of meat in this conversation that would strongly encourage uh, anybody who hasn't caught that episode yet to check it out, because I think it's gonna have a lot of impact. For those who are working on improving their overall organizational culture, improving their D E I B culture, and really setting up your organization for success instead of just constantly burning money on the talent attraction side of the employee life cycle.

[00:03:58] Dr. Jim: So that's a [00:04:00] lot already, and that's only two featured guests that we've we've had in the month of February. What do we have coming? And this is somebody that you're gonna definitely want to tune into. So this week's episode is gonna feature Brian Bennett. And I think when you think about impressive figures in the world of business, this he certainly falls into that category Now Brian.

[00:04:24] Dr. Jim: Is he's highly accomplished. He's an author of three books. He's a graduate of Kellogg. So Northwestern's GR b a program. He runs a leadership academy. So there is a ton there that he brings to the table. But I think one of the interesting things that really makes the conversation with Brian unique and interesting is that if you're in the.

[00:04:44] Dr. Jim: Management or talent development space. This is somebody who's actually proven himself from an organizational leadership perspective within the healthcare space. And then he's actually pivoted into and he's had a lot of [00:05:00] experience in the IT space as well in terms of systems implementation.

[00:05:03] Dr. Jim: So you're getting a really unique perspective on how to build strong organizational leadership cultures. And, I'm not gonna I'm not. Spoil the episode, but if you're somebody that's in it, if you're somebody who is in the healthcare space or both and if you're somebody that is interested in leveling up their leadership capabilities, the episode that we're gonna release this week featuring Brian is gonna be something that you definitely want to check out.

[00:05:31] Dr. Jim: So far in February, it's been jam-packed with some phenomenal conversations with some exceptional leaders that are gonna help you level up your talent management and talent strategy capabilities.

[00:05:44] Dr. Jim: There's gonna be a lot that you're gonna take away from the conversations that we've had with Quanda, with John Graham and certainly with Brian Bennett as. So looking forward to getting hearing some feedback and and getting your thoughts on the episodes. For those of you who haven't checked them out yet, make sure [00:06:00] you check those out.

[00:06:01] Dr. Jim: Follow us. Check, check those out. In terms of what what you can do for us. Our our core mission is to help you move further faster. So make sure you're following us on our website, cascading