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Training war correspondents, IPSO, and newspaper barons
September 11, 2014 BigFings Media
Clothilde Redfern, Director of One World Media, and consultant Tom Whitwell, former Head of Digital at The Times, join Paul Blanchard to discuss the latest media stories. Press chiefs have confessed that they're "terrified" of sending their journalists to Iraq. How can we prepare correspondents to report from these dangerous areas? IPSO, the new press regulator, has already been subject to a lot of criticism with The Guardian announcing it would join some other papers in a boycott. Now the dust has settled on Leveson, are we any better off? An organisation has launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy The Times and The Sunday Times, to highlight the fact that 80 percent of UK national newspapers are owned by five families. Is there too much media power concentrated in the hands of the few?
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