Media Masters

Media Masters - Alastair Campbell

July 09, 2015 BigFings Media
Media Masters
Media Masters - Alastair Campbell
Show Notes
In this 62 minute interview you will hear Alastair Campbell describe what it takes to command a winning strategy, the highs and lows of his political career, and learn the inside story on being Blair's right hand man.

Key insights in this episode:

00.52 - Career beginnings
08.40 - Alastair’s first story and first headline in the Daily Mirror
14.05 - Winning political predictions: 6 rising stars from the ‘90s
15.49 - Moving over to politics full time and naming Tony Blair as the next Labour leader
19.40 - What was the one thing Gordon and Ed didn’t get that Tony did?
24.52 - Was it inevitable that Tony would become Prime Minister?
26.54 - What winning an election really feels like
31.16 - Working in Downing Street, the highs and lows
37.30 - The anxiety of big speeches
40.48 - Handling personal attacks and Twitter politics
48.49 - The kind of motivation it takes to make a winner
55.25 - Alastair’s working week