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Media Masters - Sir Harold Evans
December 20, 2018 Media Masters

Sir Harold Evans is former editor of the Sunday Times. Revered throughout Fleet Street, his name is synonymous with the golden age of investigative journalism; during his career he has risked prison, defied the courts, and put his newspaper’s very existence on the line in pursuit of the truth. In doing so, he has exposed government cover-ups; brought thalidomide to public attention, later winning compensation for victims; and campaigned for a national cervical screening programme which still saves thousands of lives every year. In this in-depth interview, he takes us through his 60-year career from his very first reporting job in the aftermath of World War II, reflects on his move to New York and later career in publishing – and pays homage to his wife, former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, whose journalistic skills leave him “cowering in the corner”.

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