Utah Charter School Conversations

Training: Board Meeting Structure

February 10, 2022 Utah Association of Public Charter Schools Season 1 Episode 4
Utah Charter School Conversations
Training: Board Meeting Structure
Show Notes

Board Meeting Structure is essential to create an efficient board meeting. Here are some highlights from the discussion with Joylin Lincoln, Director of Training at the Utah Association for Public Charter Schools (UAPCS).

  • Importance of board structure
  • Agenda suggestions
    • Director's Report (30 minutes)
      • focuses on academics
      • written report in board packet so board can ask pertinent question
    • Financial Report (30 minutes)
      • fully review all components
      • board member should ask questions to fully understand budget
    • Board Reports
      • committee
      • training attended/training in house
    • Public Comment
      • putting public comment here allows the public to see the work of the board
      • public comment not required by the law, but good practice
      • explain parameters/pattern of formality on printed agenda (i.e., time to speak, allowed number of comments, etc.)
      • not a time for discussion
      • no action can be taken on an item unless already on agenda
      • follow up with thank you note and/or further addressing of concern by staff/board member
    • Board Business
      • housekeeping items (i.e. committee assignments, meeting times/dates, board calendar, non-voting items)
    • Consent Agenda
      • items that require no discussion (i.e. minutes, previously reviewed but not voted on policy)
      • board members may vote to remove items from consent for further discussion
    • Policy Review (sample policies at https://www.utahcharters.org/sample-forms-policies)
      • Each policy should be reviewed every 2-3 years
      • Ask the following questions:
        • How well are we staying in compliance of our written policy?
        • How do we know we are in compliance?
        • What evidence do we have of compliance?
        • Do we need to make a change?
    • Action Items 
      • Policy votes
      • Contracts

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