Utah Charter School Conversations

Training: So You Joined a Board...

January 27, 2022 Utah Association of Public Charter Schools Season 1 Episode 2
Utah Charter School Conversations
Training: So You Joined a Board...
Show Notes

This 27 minute audio training will help you know the first things you need to know when joining a charter school board. Taught by Joylin Lincoln, Director of Training, at the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, this training covers: 

  • your role as a board member
  • documents to read
  • learning the difference between governance and management
    • governance=how well
    • management=how will
  • board packets
    • all the information that supports the actionable items for the board meeting including agenda, minutes, financial reports-balance statement, income statement, cash flow report, administrator report w/academic report, policy reviews/new policy
    • best received 3-5 days before board meeting to allow everyone to review
  • handling grievances and questions
    • hint: direct them to talk to the school administrator first!
    • give heads-up to the administrator too
    • individuals have no power, only through motions in a board meeting
  • follow Open and Public Meetings Act
  • choosing the administrator at the school
    • board should see the contract of the administrator
    • evaluate at least yearly
  • important items to consider
    • conflicts of interest
    • school financial audit statements
    • director/officer liability insurance
    • being a quality board member
    • academic reports at the school

Thank you for serving on your local charter school board! 

The Resources tab on the UAPCS website, www.utahcharters.org, also contains supporting information we discuss as well as many other items of interest for charter school boards.