Utah Charter School Conversations
Everyone is Important at Athenian eAcademy with Jared Ferguson, Executive Director
Episode Artwork Everyone is Important at Athenian eAcademy with Jared Ferguson, Executive Director 42:38 Episode Artwork 2024 Legislative Wrap-Up with Royce Van Tassell, Executive Director UAPCS 33:31 Episode Artwork Happy Clickers, PPCD, and the Critical Role of Each Person with Lani Rounds, Principal, Bridge Elementary 41:14 Episode Artwork Meet the New Leadership of the Utah State Charter School Board Staff with Marie Steffenson and Dr. Paul Kremer 1:00:01 Episode Artwork What to Watch for in the 2024 Legislative Session with Royce Van Tassell, Executive Director of UAPCS 19:43 Episode Artwork Education Enriched with Native American Culture with Brittany Luck and Ronee Wopsock Pawwinnee, Uintah River High School 48:32 Episode Artwork Building a School Family with Simon Raubenheimer, Principal at Endeavor Hall 43:01 Episode Artwork Lessons in Clear Communication with Jennilyn Derbidge, Principal, Utah County Academy of Sciences 45:14 Episode Artwork Celebrating Hispanic Cultures through Bilingual Education with Angela Fanjul, Dual Immersion Academy 41:35 Episode Artwork Building a Cultural "Fruit Salad" at Pacific Heritage Academy with Sheena Alaiasa and Kaniela Kamala 1:05:10 Episode Artwork Meeting Olympic-sized Needs Through Flexibility in Schooling with Tess Miner-Farra, Winter Sports School 41:56 Episode Artwork Vex Robotics Competition at the Vista School 17:09 Episode Artwork Jump Rope Team: Learning Teamwork and Resilience at Canyon Rim Academy 38:48 Episode Artwork Supporting Innovation by Saying Yes with Scott Mastroianni, Director, Canyon Rim Academy 29:58 Episode Artwork Ten Minute Training: Open and Public Meetings Act 10:37 Episode Artwork Helping Students Find Their Passion at Vista School with Chris Barnum, Principal, Vista School 11:54 Episode Artwork Student Voices in Setting School Culture with Christy Hall, Director, St. George Academy 33:40 Episode Artwork Eliminating Classroom Cellphone Use with Nathan Marshall, Executive Director, Providence Hall Charter School 35:53 Episode Artwork The Importance of Biliterate Education with Eulogio Alejandre, Principal of Esperanza Elementary 37:25 Episode Artwork Pathmaker Bridge Teacher Program for Cancer Research with April Thompson, 9th Grade Science Teacher, Lakeview Academy 24:03 Episode Artwork Focusing on Literacy with Katina Santamaria, Principal of Guadalupe School 36:52 Episode Artwork Bonus: Charter School Graduate Profile: Mitchell Sanborn 12:52 Episode Artwork Supportive College Prep Education with Renee Edwards, Director at Itineris Early College High School 30:46 Episode Artwork All about the APPEL Program 14:01 Episode Artwork Training: Board Retreats and Strategic Planning 29:18