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Massage Therapy Radio with Scott Dartnall
Massage Therapy Radio with Scott Dartnall 23:32 Sound Therapy for Massage Therapists with Joe Bob Smith 26:36 Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy 13:35 Massage Therapy Foundation's Adrienne Asta 18:03 Freedom From Pain Institute's Erik Dalton 29:46 Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Strug 31:04 Julie Bach and Wellness For Cancer 26:51 Global Wellness Icon Susie Ellis 22:59 Essential Oils for Self-Care with Anne Williams 22:33 Massage Mastery Online Director of Education Anne Williams 18:54 Secrets to Becoming a Well Being with Mia Kyricos 8:41 Leading with Love with Mia Kyricos 23:54 Amazing Techniques for Pain Relief with James Waslaski 18:48 Center For Pain Management CEO James Waslaski 30:50 Global Wellness Day Founder Belgin Aksoy 26:36 Massage Therapy Icon Whitney Lowe 27:40 Dr. Tiffany Field on the Healing Power of Touch 25:49 Massage Therapy Research Pioneer Dr. Tiffany Fields and Chair and Founder of the Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative Lynda Solien Wolfe 38:26 Tara Grodjesk on Self-Care for Hands-On Healers 24:49 Visionary Leader and Pioneer Tara Grodjesk on Wellness 25:55 Trailblazer Benny Vaughn on Rising Above pt. 2 21:34 Trailblazer Benny Vaughn on Massage, the Olympics, and more 29:45