Coffee + Cardiology

Stout's Team

June 20, 2022 UW Heart Institute / Dr. Karen Stout Season 1 Episode 13
Coffee + Cardiology
Stout's Team
Show Notes

In this episode we sit down with Karen K. Stout, MD, FACC the founder of our Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) program at the UW Medicine Heart Institute and currently our associate chief of cardiology.  

She has helped formalize the ACHD sub-specialty and now is leading our team creating a culture in a rapidly changing work environment.  Her thoughts on all that and much more.

1:12 - History of formalizing Adult Congenital Heart Disease
4:11 - Adult vs. Pediatric Care
7:07 - Seattle Children's and UW Medicine Relationship
9:55 - Transitions in Care
12:55 - Day in the life of an ACHD Cardiologist
16:16 - General Cardiology's role in congenital disease care
19:15 - Partnerships with Multidisciplinary teams
22:44 - Outreach Clinics in PNW Region
25:14 - Living in a van down by the river
29:00 - Arizona
33:15 - Leadership and Culture

Adult Congenital Heart Disease at UW Medicine