Coffee + Cardiology

Poole's Defibrillators

July 11, 2022 UW Heart Institute / Dr. Jeanne Poole Season 1 Episode 14
Coffee + Cardiology
Poole's Defibrillators
Show Notes

In this episode we sit down with Jeanne E. Poole, MD, FACC.  She led our Cardiac Electrophysiology section from 2000-2021 and currently Editor-in-Chief of HeartRhythm O2 Journal.

We get into all where implantable defibrillation has come and where it's headed.  In addition we talk about what characteristics make an exceptional electrophysiologist and how journals can better include allied professionals.

0:38 - A child of Boeing
1:57 - Impact of Dr. Leon Green
4:15 - Development of Implantable Cardiac Monitoring
8:11 - Collaboration with Harborview
11:40 - Patients and Uncertainty
12:35 - How implantable defibrillators work
14:25 - Discussion with patients and use of defibrillators
18:35 - End stage terminal disease and implantable conversations
20:50 - Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
25:30 - Non-response reasons
29:00 - Avoiding long leads
33:18 - Indications for advanced technologies
36:45 - Building and leading the Electrophysiology team
43:00 - Identifying a good candidate for Electrophysiology career track
46:00 - Founder and Editor in Chief of Heart Rhythm Society O2 Journal
50:00 - Allied Professionals access to journal - APP Publishing Resources

You can reach Dr. Poole here: