Coffee + Cardiology

Soine's Interactions

October 31, 2022 UW Medicine Heart Institute / Laurie Soine, ARNP Season 1 Episode 20
Coffee + Cardiology
Soine's Interactions
Show Notes

Laurie Soine, PhD, ARNP, is a board-certified nurse practitioner in the UW Medicine Department of Medicine and serves in the role of Chief ARNP for UWMC.  In 2013, she was awarded the UW School of Nursing Distinguished Practitioner Award for demonstrating nursing care excellence. She is also a UW School of Medicine teaching associate and is a clinical assistant professor in the School of Nursing.    Laurie's research interests include the impact of what patients know and its effect on clinical outcomes, and describing factors associated with creating robust models of advanced practice nursing.

0:30 - Who is Laurie Soine
2:15 - Move to the Nuclear Lab
6:20 - The changes in Nuclear Cardiology
9:45 - Patient Interactions
12:30 - Clinical Secrets
15:25 - Patients understanding the Why
21:00 - Move to (CPET) Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing
24:00 - Why a CPET
26:40 - What is CPET like for a patient
27:34 - Testing for Lung vs. Heart
32:50 - Dr. Robert Bruce - "Father of exercise cardiology"
35:00 - Future of diagnostics and CPET for Covid-19
40:15 - Advanced Practice Provider's (APP) Research
42:25 - Quantifying Impact of APP's
46:00 - Taking the administrative role
51:30 - Growth from 2 to 50 APPs
53:00 - Primary to Specialty Roles in APP Realm
59:20 - Advice to Cardiology Fellows

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