Coffee + Cardiology

Longenecker's Globe

November 28, 2022 UW Medicine Heart Institute / Dr. Chris Longenecker Season 1 Episode 21
Coffee + Cardiology
Longenecker's Globe
Show Notes

Christopher T. Longenecker, MD is a non-invasive cardiologist and Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiology and Department of Global Health at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  He is the inaugural Director of the Global Cardiovascular Health Program, a joint initiative of cardiology and global health. Clinically, he attends on the Harborview cardiology consultative service and is director of a unique HIV-Cardiology clinic within the Madison Clinic at Harborview.

1:20 - A Global Citizen
3:00 - The Journey to Global Health by way of HIV/AIDS
6:40 - Cardiovascular Global Health
8:20 - An Interdisciplinary Global Cardiovascular Health Program at UW
16:55 - Leveraging HIV Infrastructure  to Treat Rheumatic Heart Disease
20:15 - Stakeholders in Global Cardiovascular Health
27:30 - Advocacy for Funding
31:05 - Misconceptions in Global Health
34:10 - Building Relationships by Fostering Trust
36:50 - Fostering Trust with Relationships
38:30 - Advice for a future in Global Health
41:30 - Reciprocal Mentoring
43:45 - Relationships as a bridge to advancement
46:00 - A Global Standard of Care?  Warfarin v. Rivaroxaban Example
49:15 - Skills for Success in Global Health
51:20 -  Advice for the practicing clinician

Twitter: @hivcardiodoc
Global Cardiovascular Health Program Website