Coffee + Cardiology

MacLellan's Moneyball

December 26, 2022 UW Medicine Heart Institute / Dr. Robb MacLellan Season 1 Episode 23
Coffee + Cardiology
MacLellan's Moneyball
Show Notes

Robb MacLellan, MD is the Director of the UW Medicine Heart Institute and our Division Head of Cardiology.   Since 2011 he has ensured our faculty and research goals are aligned with the needs and opportunities in the hospital.  In addition to those important responsibilities, he is an active attending physician and Robert A. Bruce Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Research.

Robb's research interests include:

  • Understand the molecular mechanisms that regulate cardiac failure and develop therapies to regenerate myocardium
  • Use genetic mouse models in an attempt to correlate molecular insights with whole organ physiology
  • Develop stem cell and tissue engineering strategies to repair the heart

1:15 - The Canadian Researcher
6:00 - Why Cardiology
7:27 - Research Training
10:45 - Research Fundamentals
13:15 - First Trial to the Lab Today
26:40 - Complimentary Teamwork Success
30:55 - Advice to the Future Academic
35:50 - The Argument for the Physician Scientist
41:20 - Struggle for Balance in Training and Future Need
46:55 - Looking back as Division Head and Director
52:30 - Regional Heart Center to Heart Institute
56:30 - A new role in Department of Medicine