Coffee + Cardiology

Listening with Lori

September 20, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
Coffee + Cardiology
Listening with Lori
Show Notes

In a new season of Coffee and Cardiology Podcast and to celebrate the International Day of Listening happening on September 21, 2023, Dr. Kirkpatrick and John Michael sit down with Lori Joubert and Dr. Nazem Akoum to discuss the topic of Listening.

Lori is responsible  for managing administrative activities and program events for the Electrophysiology and Cardiac Imaging Subspecialty Programs across UW Medicine clinical sites.  She also utilizes her education and training in listening skill development to facilitate monthly listening circle cafés to build team connection and networking by creating safe spaces for dialogue and connection with our peers and the sharing of resources.

In this episode she helps guide us through a conversation about the power of listening, especially in how professionals interact in meetings and how providers listening with patients can make significant impacts.

Below are resources to support the conversation and deeper dives into the topic of listening.

ILA is also hosting a free mini-series (for the public) in support of International Day of Listening

Kate Murphy’s “You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why it Matters”

Music: An Underutilized Tool In Neurocardiology? - how listening to music may be similar or different then listening to (or reading) heart rhythm or how listening to music may improve one’s ability to listen beyond the “noise” in clinical settings from your perspectives.

Perceptions of Health Care Providers Communication – This article emphasizes the connection between Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) and Patient Centered Communication (PCC). It highlights PCC behaviors that relate to satisfaction to include empathy and listening  (see pp 4-5).

What is empathy and can it be taught? By Howard Spiro, MD