Coffee + Cardiology

Lombardi Unplugged

January 18, 2022 UW Heart Institute / Dr. Bill Lombardi Season 1 Episode 1
Coffee + Cardiology
Lombardi Unplugged
Show Notes

Coffee and Cardiology with Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Bill Lombardi to talk about FAME3, mental health and his passions for patient care. 

Episode Markers:
1:40 TCT Live Cases - Why do them?
3:30 Risk of CTO’s in Live Cases
6:21 Balancing Academics with Procedural Focus
8:50 What Bill learns from Teaching
11:05 Taking a break
13:55 Boundary setting
15:40 How to see the boundaries
16:27 FAME3
25:00 FAME3 Variables in Outcomes
27:21 Training the next generation
31:35 - Get in touch - or email for his direct contact information.

Dr. Bill Lombardi is a world-renowned expert in Complex Coronary Disease Therapies, performing over 500 interventions a year, including 250 CTOs. 

He continues to develop novel chronic total occlusion (CTO) techniques and technologies, including the inception of a “hybrid algorithm” that facilitates successful, reproducible outcomes in CTO and complex lesion PCI. He has been involved with over 20 new technologies to improve PCI, including guide wires, micro-catheters, specialty balloons and novel approaches to reduce radiation and orthopedic injuries to operators.   

He continues to innovate at the University of Washington Medical Center as clinical professor and Director of the Complex Coronary Disease Therapies Program. 

Dr. Lombardi’s focus remains improving outcomes through numerous collaborations with his colleagues, industry, and teaching the next generation of CTO operators.  

On his free time Dr. Lombardi enjoys spending time with his family on their boat “Lioness”, fishing, and exploring the outdoors.

Find Bill on Twitter @DrBillLombardi

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