LeaderImpact Podcast

Ep. 9 - Devonia DeBeck - Designed to Exceed

April 27, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 9
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 9 - Devonia DeBeck - Designed to Exceed
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Devonia began her career helping clients build their own great careers in her role as an Executive Search Consultant.  After 12 years, she transitioned to a career in real estate but soon fell in love with the beautiful homes and the stories that sparked joy in the hearts of the families she met. With that love, Devonia became a Certified Home Stager and completed an Interior Decorating Diploma, and launched the DEBECK Group, Profit Surge Staging, and Devonia DeBeck Interiors.  Devonia has decorated and staged beautiful spaces for both corporate and residential clients, with the goal of creating living and working spaces that people love to live and thrive in. And the journey didn’t stop there!

Devonia always found herself championing people, and soon added life coaching to her portfolio. Devonia now coaches clients on how to define the lives they are searching for.

Join us now for a conversation with Devonia DeBeck as we chat about The perspective of living a life designed to exceed in our personal, professional, and spiritual life!


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