LeaderImpact Podcast

Ep. 8 - Andrew Denysov - Living Out Your Purpose in Uncertain Times

April 13, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 8
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 8 - Andrew Denysov - Living Out Your Purpose in Uncertain Times
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Welcome to a special episode of the LeaderImpact Podcast where we talk with Andrew Denysov.

Andrew is Co-Founder and CEO of TechVision Global whose software has been used for McDonalds, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven.  Although TechVision Global is headquartered in Tennessee, Andrew has chosen to work with software developers in Lviv, Ukraine.  

Andrew is committed to being a Kingdom builder and this is demonstrated in his volunteer work in providing technical iOS support to the YouVersion Bible app, as well as supporting the church online platform for Life Church, and being part of the global leadership network for the Global Leadership Summit.  Andrew is also a leader and senior pastor assistant  at Hosanna Church in Liviv where he attends with his wife and two young children.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, Andrew's life along with everyone in Ukraine has changed, and new priorities have become their focus.  Andrew is providing leadership, along with others from Hosanna Church, in the procurement and distribution of essential medical supplies along with providing shelter and assistance to internally displaced people.  His strong leadership skills have well-prepared him for the many logistics involved in getting supplies to those in need.  The church has used up its resources and the pooled personal resources are also being depleted. Impact Bridges Group, a Canadian registered not-for-profit based in Ottawa, is working with Hosanna and others to provide financial support to ensure medical supplies are made available to those in need.  Join us now for a special conversation with Andrew about the war in Ukraine and living out your purpose in uncertain times.

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