LeaderImpact Podcast

Ep. 19 - Keri Schwebius - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

September 14, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 19
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 19 - Keri Schwebius - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
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Keri is the President of Ellevate Executive Coaching, co-author of a leadership book called, Mind the Gap; Navigating your Leadership Journey, as well as working for her father to support him in running his businesses.

Before all this, Keri spent 20 years in public relations helping executive teams communicate with stakeholders. During this time her passion was employee communications making her a messenger, translator, and advisor for leaders. This inevitably led her to the field of leadership.

Today, Keri is a Certified Executive Coach with a Master of Arts in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. She also holds accreditations in emotional intelligence, change management, communications, and team building. She brings a down-to-earth approach to every engagement. 

She is incredibly grateful for all the blessings she has been given in her life and, more than anything, she wants to give something back. Her purpose is to make a difference in the world and she does this by partnering with others who want to improve their workplaces.

Keri has a genuine desire to make a positive change in the world not only working with clients but also as co-chair of Women in Leadership Saskatchewan and as chair of the board of directors of CityKidz Regina.

Join us now for a conversation with Keri on dealing with imposter syndrome in your personal, professional, and spiritual journey.

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