LeaderImpact Podcast

Ep. 20 - Paul Henderson - Navigating Through Leadership

September 28, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 20
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 20 - Paul Henderson - Navigating Through Leadership
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Today you are going to meet not only a Canadian hockey legend but the man who started LeaderImpact in 1984.

Paul Henderson, a former Canadian NHLer who played left wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and Atlanta Flames is best known for scoring the winning goal for Team Canada in the 1972 Summit Series against the former USSR.

Paul’s many accolades include being a member of several sports Hall of Fame, honored with numerous awards including the Order of Canada, as well Paul holds two honorary Doctors of Divinity degrees, as well has authored several books including his autobiography. And while Paul has achieved 50 years of name recognition for his hard work from a single moment in time; his life purpose was realized after his career on the ice. Despite the fame - he felt an emptiness.  Something was missing.

In this podcast, we will draw on Paul’s experiences to help leaders in the business world navigate through leadership in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

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