Ring the Alarm with Jasmyne Cannick


March 04, 2022 Jasmyne Cannick Season 1 Episode 2
Ring the Alarm with Jasmyne Cannick
Show Notes

In the second episode of "Ring the Alarm," a special series in partnership with the Advocate Magazine, award-winning journalist Jasmyne Cannick continues with her exclusive look inside Jamaica, one of the world’s most homophobic and transphobic countries. Jasmyne interviews Sam, a 27-year-old HIV-positive trans man living in a secret safe house.

Please note that this episode contains depictions of sexual violence that some people may find disturbing. Know your limits, act accordingly.

Produced and hosted by: Jasmyne Cannick
Associate Producer: Nevin Powell

Featured Music:

  • Ring the Alarm by Tenor Saw
  • Bam Bam by Sister Nancy


Episode sponsored in part by The Advocate, your source for LGBTQ+ news, since 1967.

To support Unity Fellowship Church, Jamaica’s safe house, donate through Cash App to $UFJamaica or UFJamaica.com

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