Ep 13: Empowering Women to Get into Financial Services with Robyn Crane
Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
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Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
Ep 13: Empowering Women to Get into Financial Services with Robyn Crane
Jun 23, 2022
Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen

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80% of women leave their financial advisor if they become widowed. Why is this? For many women, the industry is not a welcoming place. On today’s episode, our guest, Robyn Crane, will be discussing why we need to have more women in the financial service industry and the importance of women in this field. Robyn is a highly recognized business growth expert and speaker, training women to make impacts in their professions. 

Robyn was a financial advisor for ten years and she entered the field wanting to help people align their values with their finances. But starting off in the industry Robyn knew she wanted to be a change maker. The sales process in financial services can often feel abrasive and pushy and she’s working to change that, to make women more comfortable in this industry as professionals and clients. 

Robyn started to approach sales in a different way. As opposed to just pushing sales she began to understand the needs of her clients and how she could better serve them and their values. Today, Robyn will break down her journey and the ways we can make financial services more inclusive. 

We also will discuss: 

·       The way we sell in financial services and how we can alter the traditional approach to sales. 

·       Serving women in ways that work best for them. 

·       Getting women into the industry and keeping them in the industry. 

·       What Robyn thinks will help change the industry 

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More about Robyn:
Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.
1:19 –
Welcome Robyn Crane!

5:10 – Conversations about money 

6:44 – What’s wrong with the traditional approach?

11:20 – At what point did you make the shift?

18:01 – The people we want to work with  

23:28 – Women working with advisors 

28:34 – What’s it going to take for the industry to change

33:12 – Women are the market 

39:25 – Understanding the human part of financial services

42:48 – Any final thoughts?


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