Ep 15: Knowing Your Finances in Marriage and Divorce with Michelle Lawless
Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
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Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
Ep 15: Knowing Your Finances in Marriage and Divorce with Michelle Lawless
Jul 28, 2022
Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen

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On today’s episode, Michelle Lawless, an experienced litigator in the field of family law joins us to explain how she is helping women through divorce. She enjoys helping people navigate divorce outside of the courtroom, giving them a customized approach to divorce, and finding an agreement between parties in this tough situation. 

With every consultation, Michelle breaks down the issues people will face through a divorce legally and financially. Divorce is state-based and the law is a bit different depending on where you are. For Michelle, she focuses on property settlements, spousal support, and children support. 

The biggest hurdle she sees women face is when they know very little or perhaps nothing about the finances of their marriage. It’s common for one spouse to take lead in the financial planning, but if you are unaware of your finances, it can make divorce a lot more difficult. Investigating and educating becomes a big part of Michelle’s role in these cases. 


We also will discuss: 

·       How Michelle works with clients that aren’t knowledgeable about their finances. 

·       Some client stories and the issues women face financially when facing divorce. 

·       Recommendations on becoming more educated about your finances. 

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

1:44 – A bit about Michelle 

3:06 – How do you address finances?

5:07 – What are the most common mistakes women make?

7:03 – Do you have to walk clients through this information?

10:55 – What happens once you do the investigations?

17:05 – How often are people surprised?

19:48 – How do you recommend people become more educated?

26:58 – Keeping things organized and knowing passwords 

30:20 – Last pieces of advice 


More about Michelle's work: https://www.malfamilylaw.com/

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