Ep 18: How an App Could Help You Pay Student Loans Faster
Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
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Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
Ep 18: How an App Could Help You Pay Student Loans Faster
Sep 08, 2022 Episode 18
Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen

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On today’s show, our guests are Nick and Dan Stelmach, founders of the ChangED app. Nick and Dan pitched their app on Shark Tank and landed a deal with Mark Cuban. ChangED Focuses on educating people with student loans and making their repayment process effective and pain-free.

Nick and Dan teach the different ways ChangED helps people save money and take control of their debt, including an option for friends, family, or anyone really, to contribute payments to their loans.

In today’s episode, we dive into how people get buried in their student loan debt, how women tend to carry more student loans than men, and what solutions are available to pay off student loans more efficiently.


We will explore the following and much more: 

·      Learn about how women statistically carry more student debt than men. (1:29)

·      How Maggie left community college with an MBA and 70K in student debt. (7:15)

·      The problems with the costs of college and how it could affect your future. (8:16)

·      Their experience on Shark Tank. (11:00)

·      How the ChangED app educates people in financial literacy. (23:15)


Download the ChangED app here:

Learn more about Nick, Dan, and ChangED:



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