Primary Care NEL

E3: Long Covid-1

March 05, 2022 Munir Adam; Laura Graham Season 1 Episode 3
Primary Care NEL
E3: Long Covid-1
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IN THIS EPISODE Munir Adam speaks with Laura Graham, part of the Community of Practice, to understand Long Covid.  The episode is the first in the Long Covid series, and covers definition, demographics, symptomatology, red flags and reference to resources.

SPECIAL THANKS to the guest speaker:  Laura Graham, Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist, Homerton University Hospital; HEE Clinical Transformation Fellow

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Trying to understand Long Covid
Strange demographics, but impact no joke
Pathophysiology - clear as mud!
Symptoms: Lethargy epidemic, and more
Red flags; Diagnosis of exclusion
Take home points
Where to cry for help
Final comments