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E5: Long Covid 2: Diagnosis & Management

May 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 5
Primary Care NEL
E5: Long Covid 2: Diagnosis & Management
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IN THIS EPISODE  we continue our journey into Long Covid as GP Covid Lead Uzma interviews Consultant Dr Ainley, to explore, amongst other things, the initial assessment and management, when to refer, and current thinking about the vaccination.    

This is second episode in our Long Covid series, and follows a webinar series of the same theme.

SPECIAL THANKS to the guest speakers:   Dr Adam Ainley, Consultant Respiratory Physician (Barking, Havening and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust) and Dr Uzma Haque, (General Practitioner, Barking & Dagenham CCG).


Yorkshire recovery screen:,score%2C%20functional%20disability%20score%20and%20global%20health%20score.

 MRC Score for breathlessness:

 Post-Covid functional scale:

 GAD Anxiety score:

Long Covid Webinars:

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Scene & Intro
Recap symptoms
Covid test; risk factors
Differentiate other conditions
Children & elderly
Initial assessment
When to refer
L.C. & Vaccination
Final comments