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E7: Long Covid-3: The holistic approach

August 06, 2022 Munir Adam Season 1 Episode 7
Primary Care NEL
E7: Long Covid-3: The holistic approach
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IN THIS EPISODE we discuss the MDT approach for patients suffering with the persistent, yet unexplained symptoms of long Covid, with the aim of helping them to live with them.  Munir Adam is joined by Louise Ross to understand this better.

SPECIAL THANKS to:  Louise Ross - Cognitive Behavioural Therapist; City & Hackney COVID Rehabilitation (CoRe) Service; Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Post COVID-19 Patient information pack Helping you to recover and manage your symptoms following COVID-19:

Further information about the service and details/links on how to refer:

Please note that the information requested on the referral form is essential for the referral to be accepted and includes:

•        Clinical Assessment – including current symptoms, date of suspected/confirmed COVID-19 infection, rationale for referring to post-covid syndrome pathway

•        Investigations – CXR, Bloods – FBC, CRP, U&Es, LFTs, Vitamin D levels, Ferritin, COVID Serology.  If indicated – BNP (non-respiratory associated breathlessness), Cortisol (severe fatigue) Creatine Kinase (muscle pain); ECG (if chest pain/palpitations).  Bedside investigations:  (desaturation test – 1 min sit to stand test or 40 step test if not able to do a sit to stand test; oxygen saturations;  Heart rate;  BP – lying and sitting;  Yorkshire COVID Rehabilitation Questionnaire

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