Primary Care NEL

E1: Working together

January 23, 2022 Munir Adam Season 1 Episode 1
Primary Care NEL
E1: Working together
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IN THIS EPISODE Munir Adam conducts brief interviews with a variety of frontline clinical staff working in Primary Care.  The purpose is to provide a flavour of the types of roles that exist, and to understand what it is like doing that role. This will take us a step closer to creating a community where we understand each other better.

SPECIAL THANKS to the guest speakers: Adekola Orimoloye, Alec Giles, David Barry, Gurjit Cholia, Holly Montgomery, Mariya Rashid, Nabeelah Beeharry, Ruth Amartey and Sunil Khambh.


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DISCLAIMER:  This podcast is aimed at clinical staff in the region, and it is important to note that the content provided is both time and location specific.  Specifically, it is NOT for use by the general public or patients.  Furthermore, views expressed and advice given is that of the relevant individual presenters who would normally be qualified to provide such advice.  However, no guarantee is provided as to the accuracy of any such information, and, wherever appropriate, you should seek clarification from appropriate professionals.  The host, presenters, other contributors, and North-East London Training Hubs do not accept any liability for any actions, consequences or effects that result either directly or indirectly from listening to the material covered.

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