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Excess deaths in 2023
Excess deaths in 2023 10:42 Alex Capozzolo - Real Estate in San Diego and Philadelphia 27:14 Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real? 18:20 Tim Flatt CEO of Real Time Pain Relief explains his revolutionary new AI Covid Detecting App 30:26 I GOT ADMITTED TO THE PSYCHE WARD as a TOTALLY SANE INDIVIDUAL! 35:04 Katyayanibetha of The Strong Foundation cured herself of MCS in 2007 - Mission to help others now 1:18:00 Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review 2:28 David Pakman ABSOLUTELY LYING to his fans and subscribers about DONALD TRUMP! - INCREDIBLE! 6:03 Do Democrats care about black people? My Reaction 6:27 #walkaway Homeboy decided that a Transgender GUY living in his girlfriends Dorm was not right 11:34 Zakiya Cooper's #walkaway story - From DEMOCRAT to PROUD MAGA Black Lady @locdinwithzaza 14:53 DAVID PAKMAN admires his boyfriend LUKE BEASLEY getting OWNED by TRUMP SUPPORTERS 10:35 DAVID PAKMAN is a BULLY - Does not realize he is a CULT LEADER himself? 9:55 TUCKER CARLSON interviews man who claimed he gave BARACK OBAMA a BJ - My Reaction 9:16 Sheriff DESCRIBES Trump beahvior DURING MUGSHOT and admits TRUMP was correct about BAD conditions! 8:03 DEMOCRATS deep down know BIDEN is an old Senile vegetable - David Pakman Show REACTION 9:28 Addicted to You · Jimmy Vollert (My Reaction) 7:27 Mcdonalds Australia McCafe Coffee review - My Review of a Flat white from Maccas 1:46 Do Black college students like seeing trumps mugshot? 1:54 Do College students want masks back in 2023? My Reaction 4:06 New 7/11 Coffee Beans Australia - My Review of a cheap 711 coffee - Flat White 3:47 Black College students love seeing TRUMP LOCKED UP! They loved the mugshot! 3:05 JOE BIDEN attacking TRUMP on ECONOMY and JOB NUMBERS - Guy is DELUSIONAL - My Reaction 10:25 DAVE PAKMAN (exposed) is an INDUSTRY PLANT - WE HAVE THE PROOF! 4:14 DEMOCRATS are SNAPPING OUT OF TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IN MASSIVE NUMBERS! 9:31