54. Work Life Balance: The Lie with Natalie Kuhn
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WOC and Allies: Business and Career Realtalk
54. Work Life Balance: The Lie with Natalie Kuhn
Aug 24, 2023 Episode 54
Elaine Lou Cartas

Do you eat lunch with your laptop? Do you find yourself in back-to-back meetings and you can't wait for a call to end because you really need to go pee? Or do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day because now you're supposed to make dinner? 

Sorry if I'm triggering you when asking these questions, and I am not here to call you out! I'm just here to call you in for a deep conversation about the words work-life balance.

Because here’s the thing: work-life balance is a lie. 

This week on Color Your Dreams, I sit down with the incredible Natalie Kuhn to unravel the myth of work-life balance and get into the nitty-gritty – from being a woman in the modern world, navigating grief, to how our upbringing molds our lives. 

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why boundaries are crucial if you want to have more balance in your life
  • The importance of the pause and the beauty of the uncomfortable
  • The relationship between awareness and fear 

If you have been struggling with the concept of work-life balance and it has you feeling defeated, you’re not alone. Make sure to tune in! 

Show notes are always available at elainelou.com/podcast/54.

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