58. How To Create A Client & Team Centered Retreat
WOC and Allies: Business and Career Realtalk
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WOC and Allies: Business and Career Realtalk
58. How To Create A Client & Team Centered Retreat
Oct 12, 2023 Episode 58
Elaine Lou Cartas

Have you ever attended an event, retreat, or conference that left you feeling overwhelmed?

There were so many guest speakers, and the information was thrown at you, and none of it was individualized or even felt applicable to your business.

Often, I found myself at industry conferences, completely exhausted and inundated with information.

On the other hand, what truly stood out for me during these events were the invaluable connections and relationships I had the opportunity to establish.

In this episode, we'll go over my evolution of how I’ve changed my events and retreats from what everyone is doing to ensuring I’m creating an experience that is intentional and individualized to what my clients need. I’ll also share how I create the agenda and structure, the results of my retreats, and the mistakes I’ve made.

Whether you are a career leader or business owner, my intention is for you to learn from my mistakes, ensure you don’t just copy what everyone else is doing, and create your own client and team-centered retreats that align with your unique objectives.

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The problem of feeling overwhelmed at industry events with generic information 
  • My journey of mistakes to create events and retreats to be client and team-centered 
  • The importance of building connections and relationships at events 
  • Why I reduced the number of events and retreats to focus on quality over quantity 
  • Pricing strategy for retreats and how it aligns with the value provided 
  • Why building a loose agenda for retreats is important
  • The importance of creating space to connect, grow, and integrate
  • Client results from my recent retreat, including business successes and personal growth

If you would like to see how to work with me to create a more sustainable life where you can be more present with yourself and create your own checklist of success that’s not created by society and loved ones, then schedule a complimentary legacy business and career review at elainelou.com/call .  Check out my business coaching services here, and my career coaching services here.

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