Ep. 070 - Family, Friends, and the Outdoors with David Blanton, Realtree Outdoors
The Pursuit
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The Pursuit
Ep. 070 - Family, Friends, and the Outdoors with David Blanton, Realtree Outdoors
Sep 26, 2023
A Vance Outdoors Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Pursuit Podcast! This week, we are pleased to welcome someone whom most of you have probably seen on TV many times - Mr. David Blanton - Executive Producer for Realtree Outdoors.

As you may know, we've been fortunate enough to have a few guests associated with Realtree, and we're very honored to have a great relationship with such a respected company!

First, we introduce David and how we got connected with him. We discuss his upbringing and humble start working with Realtree. Then we discussed the progression of content, some challenges they faced, the people they worked with, and the growth they've made over the last 30+ years.

Finally, we also get into some of David's most memorable hunts, discuss his favorite critter to chase, and how excited he is to hunt whitetails here in Southern Ohio this year!

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