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Appraisal tips for Primary Care staff

March 12, 2022 Munir Adam Season 1 Episode 2
Primary Care UK
Appraisal tips for Primary Care staff
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IN THIS EPISODE Munir Adam discusses the foundations for successful appraisals in the NHS.  He is accompanied by two clinicians: a pharmacist and a physician associate, who share their experiences and anxieties about the process.

SPECIAL THANKS to the guest speakers: Nabeelah Beeharry and Shunaz Begum.

Appraisal guidance summary:
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Intro & Background info
Tip 1: Attitude
Tip 2: Continuous process
Tip 3: Portfolio system
Tip 4: Reflection
Tip 5: Sensitive issues
Tip 6: Pre-appraisal prep
Tip 7: Goal setting
Final comments