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Remote Consultations

August 01, 2022 Anwar Khan; Munir Adam Season 1 Episode 7
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Remote Consultations
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IN THIS EPISODE we focus on the sudden increase in remote consultations in recent times, and what issues we should be considering when offering patients consultations in this way.  Munir Adam speaks with Anwar Khan to understand things better and gain some insights into how to do it better.  We cover:
- The potential pros and cons of remote consulting
- Important considerations such as framing, setting and context.
- About personal capital and about establishment of rapport
- The disconnect
- About this being a training need across the Primary Care professions.

 SPECIAL THANKS to the guest speaker Dr Anwar Khan.

Anwar Khan is a GP Principal and Trainer in Chingford who joined NHS Resolution in late 2020 as Senior Clinical Advisor. He works with the Safety and Learning Team not only to maximize learning from claims but also promoting activities to reduce harm within primary care. His senior roles in commissioning as well as education & assessment are driven by a passion to promote patient safety through education, significant event analysis, and promoting safe systems around hard working professionals on the frontline of Primary Care.

Anwar qualified as a GP but after spending some time in genetics, realised his niche was in primary care given its emphasis on relationship based care promoting continuity of care in the community. As well as his role as a GP Trainer, he is heavily involved in assessment both in UK (MRCGP Examiner since 1996) and Internationally (Medical Director for International Accreditation at RCGP); he has edited a book on assessment. Until 2019, he was Chair of Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group and Chair of the North East London Commissioning Alliance of CCGs.

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What we'll cover
Introducing Anwar Khan
Remote - accelerated by the pandemic
Was it needed; were we ready for it?
Who decides remote vs F2F?
Important considerations
Flexibility, efficiency
The Disconnect
Personal capital
It's a training need
Summary by Dr Khan
Final comments