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Burnout in Educators

September 02, 2022 Munir Adam; Mary-Rose Shears Season 1 Episode 8
Primary Care UK
Burnout in Educators
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IN THIS EPISODE Munir Adam is joined by Mary-Rose Shears, Primary Care Dean for South London, who leads us in a discussion about the challenges in supervising and educating our learners and colleagues.  The GPs are joined by experienced and senior members from the Nursing, Pharmacy and Physician Associate professions  to discuss challenges and solutions.  

We ALL have a role in supporting and guiding each other.  Note:  See also E3.  Also, you should consult your GP/professional if experiencing burnout. 


Mary-Rose Shears, Primary Care Dean, South London, Health Education England (HEE).

Rebecca Corneck, QN, Director of GP Nursing, South East London (SEL) ICS Training Hub

Liz Nicholls, Primary Care Tutor, Bexley Training Hub, Lead, SEL Nursing

Bianca Osei-Tutu, Physician Associate Ambassador, SEL, HEE

Graham Stretch - President of the Primary Care Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Lead Ealing GP Federation.

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Welcome to Episode 8
Overview of Burnout: Definition & Causes (Mary-Rose)
Overview: Effects of Burnout & action required
The experiences of a PA (Bianca)
5-Way Discussion: intro (5WD)
2016: The influx of Pharmacists (5WD)
Nurse recruitment: Back then and now (5WD)
Covid impact on GP training (5WD)
The multiple barriers for Nurse Supervisors (5WD)
Covid for new Pharmacy intakes (5WD)
So what needs to happen? (5WD)
Meeting Wellbeing needs (5WD)
Summary by Mary-Rose
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