The Toxin Terminator

#164: Do You Suffer From Emotional Constipation with Megan Robitaille

August 23, 2021 Aimee Carlson-Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist
The Toxin Terminator
#164: Do You Suffer From Emotional Constipation with Megan Robitaille
Show Notes

In today’s episode of Toxin Terminator, we are joined by Megan Robitaille! She is a wellness and life coach focusing on functional movement of the body, optimizing that, as well as opening movement of energy and emotion through the body in order to create space, congruence, and rebuild habits. 


Megan used these principles herself to develop long-term habits, physical and environmental change! Listen in as she shares her story of being near death at such an early age and releasing emotions to find true healing.


You will learn:

What is an emotion?

What is emotional constipation?

What are some common symptoms that you might be emotionally constipated?

What are the top 6 emotions that must be dealt with first?


Megan shares with us the simple steps to release and rebuild so that you can overcome pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, autoimmune diseases and behaviors that are not matching with your desires.


"All is within you that you need to heal". Megan Robitaille


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