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Join Jazz Guitarist Singer/Songwriter Matt Marshak’s new direction in Music

March 13, 2022 Matt Marshak Season 1 Episode 9
The Long Island Sound
Join Jazz Guitarist Singer/Songwriter Matt Marshak’s new direction in Music
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Want to explore and craft your music in a new style? Matt Marshak sets the stage for an interesting transition from Jazz to Americana & Country. Not every successful musician evolves to explore new paths. Meet Matt Marshak who dares to explore new territory. Singer/songwriter and guitarist, Matt Marshak has played around the world as a jazz guitarist. Join your host Steve Yusko as we uncover the man behind the music along with his exploration into Americana & Country music with his latest album, Simple Man. With deep Long Island roots, Matt honed his craft as a young musician, accompanying singer/songwriters in New York City and developing his jazz guitar chops. We learn how a chance radio station talent contest helped propel Matt's career as he garnered the attention of a well-established jazz producer sending him on a worldwide tour.

 With a history of 10 albums in the Jazz/Blues genres, the release of Matt’s latest album “Simple Man” finally showcases Matt’s acoustic guitar-based singer-songwriter material. We get a glimpse into the folk, country, and songwriting side of Matt’s music.  Influenced early by the sounds of Paul Simon and James Taylor, Matt’s connection with song, imagery, and the story has long been his favorite way to communicate musically. His latest songs “Prayer For You,” “Tell Me Something Good,” and “Here and Now” bring a relatable, reassuring message for the world during this time.

Matt will be performing locally on Long Island. Join us on Saturday, March 26th at 6 PM @ Bistro72 in the Indigo Hotel in Riverhead to hear his music.

"On My Way" the jazz instrumental by Matt Marshak is featured during the introduction as well as during the info spot of Bistro 72 and Matt's upcoming event.

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