The Lightning 50 'Growth Hacking' Podcast

How Trello Helped Drive A 73% Sales Uplift For This Online Equestrian Brand

January 26, 2023 Brightpearl Podcasts Season 2 Episode 10
The Lightning 50 'Growth Hacking' Podcast
How Trello Helped Drive A 73% Sales Uplift For This Online Equestrian Brand
Show Notes Transcript

In series two, episode 10, we chatted with Redpost Equestrian, a leading online supplier of equestrian goods that launched way back in 1992 and has since experienced impressive organic growth online as a family-run, Devon-based brand.

During the podcast the brand’s Director, Ben Tuff, dived into how the business achieved 73% growth in the last year, despite wavering post-pandemic demand and supply chain issues. He revealed the tech tools that have been used to drive growth and what it means to be ranked on Brightpearl’s 2022 Lightning 50 league table of the fastest growing online brands in the UK. 

  • “It’s been a crazy few years of growth for us! The business was started in 1992 by my parents on a bit of a shoestring and it grew organically until I joined in 2011 and we took it online. It’s grown from a team of around six people to more than 50, thanks to our online growth especially since 2019. ”

  • “We used to think being based down in the depths of Devon was a barrier to growth because of logistics and staffing and things like that. But actually it's become one of our big strengths because we can get our heads down, focus on what we are doing, and not get dragged down by focusing on our competitors all the time. But ranking in the Lightning 50 is like reading a bit of positive customer feedback – it really makes all our hard work and late nights worth it.” 

  • “Coming out of the pandemic we had to keep a close eye on how demand might slide plus we had to deal with the supply chain problems. It was really a case of keeping up and adjusting and we've continued to grow, so we're really pleased about that.”

  • “Black Friday is a big part of our calendar. We tend to focus on genuine big savings on a small amount of products. They really drive traffic to our site and customers then tend to add other things to their basket to benefit from free delivery.”

  • “Trello has been a key technology for us. It allows us to track tasks linked to everything from the warehouse and shop to marketing. We have various boards and everyone can give feedback and work with each other. Google Analytics has been key, too. It helps us identify what we're getting right, what we're getting wrong and helps track progress and quickly resolve issues. We’ve also been developing custom apps to track things like picking.”

  • “What we're currently focusing on is improving our onboarding process because as the team's grown one of the big issues, like any business, is making sure the culture's right and everyone's on the same wavelength.”

  • “We talk a lot about the metaverse and how that is going to play into customers’ shopping journeys. For us I think the future involves customers being able to ‘try on’ equipment on their horse and themselves. Last year we launched our own shopping app and we’ve just finished a complete overhaul of that – so there’s a few things in the pipeline. 

  • “In any business, whilst it may seem sort of glossy from the outside, there's a lot going on internally and a lot of fast moving parts. So when something like Brightpearl’s Lightning 50 comes along, it really helps you to sit back and reflect, which is probably something not many of us do enough of.”