Wealth In Overdrive Podcast

Welcome To The Wealth in Overdrive Podcast

January 29, 2022 Hari Luker Episode 1
Wealth In Overdrive Podcast
Welcome To The Wealth in Overdrive Podcast
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Allow us to introduce ourselves here ta the Wealth In Overdrive Podcast. Please just take a few minutes and discover who we are, what we're about, who this show is for, and how you can use this information practically!

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Welcome to the Wealth in Overdrive Podcast!

My name is Hari Luker, host of the show. Our co-host Phil Bodine is out turbocharging the financial futures of families and will be joining us on the next episode. But I wanted to get a head start and let you know you’re in the right place.

This may be the first time you’ve come across us here at Wealth in Overdrive.

So this is for you if you’re uncertain about all your investments, skeptical, your retirement accounts aren’t working together for the best outcome, thinking, “Am I managing my money the best I can? Or is there a better way” and feeling frustration, anxiety and confusion about the current state and future of your money, 

Well, I can tell you you’re not the only one. 

You see. Imagine you discovered strategies that would help you put all your financial products on a map, with a clear route to your desired outcome along with an easy-to-read rule book— With the outcome of you establishing a predictable, desirable lifestyle and retirement. 

Imagine not having to worry about market crashes and actually feeling financially organized when you go to sleep each night. 

What would that do to your confidence, marriage, family life, and self-esteem?

It would mean you get to enjoy all the certainty of fewer taxes, no risky investments and more cash flow. We’re talking about complete financial certainty, every day. 

Not to mention the peace of mind, and still have funds to play with, knowing it won’t affect the future or unknown life occurrences or opportunities.

On this podcast, we want to educate you on how you can maximize your full wealth potential. 

Strategies we will uncover on the podcast we have implemented for over 30yrs. Strategies that have helped clients, friends and family safely and quickly erase debt, grow wealth with guaranteed returns, and enjoy true security and quality of life that exceeds your expectations…. 

Best of all, you’ll discover ways to grow and protect your money without the risk of wall street, freak out about if you’ll have enough money at retirement or if your ”advisor” will limit you to just 3% withdrawal... 

Let me introduce to you, the Wealth in Overdrive method. 

It was designed by our co-host, my father, Phil Bodine, a renowned 35yr wealth strategist and practitioner of this concept. Author and speaker to thousands of clients and advisors across the US.  After starting out in the industry in the 80s quickly discovered typical financial advice was failing us. So he quickly discovered a better way. 

After years of research, testing, and fighting against the financial laws and landscapes. He continued refining the Wealth In Overdrive concept and started getting consistent elevated results for clients both before and after retirement. 

It’s designed for all busy professionals who struggle with both family life, work schedule, and finances, 

You could be saying goodbye to sleepless nights, risky investments, nontrusting advisors, and instead, welcoming back the much-needed confidence you need to know your family will be protected, safe, and be able to pass down a secured legacy—.

 These strategies have changed ours and thousands of lives, 

I know this show can do the same for you too.  So please hit subscribe so you don't miss a beat, there's a new episode of the wealth in overdrive podcast coming your way every week.

So wherever you are, whatever platform you’re on. Let's get started. Thank you