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How to Discuss Your Getting Older with Your Kids

May 06, 2022 William Corbett
Senior Living CT Podcast
How to Discuss Your Getting Older with Your Kids
Show Notes

EPISODE DETAILS:  Having brutally hard conversations with your kids
There is a biological aspect to aging that we are reminded of daily, thanks medicine commercials!  I'm watching families implode or just disengage because their parents who don't want to be a burden on them don't prepare, refuse to talk about things, are in denial and shut the kids out.

It all starts by being honest with yourself - I know your well intended kids keep trying to alleviate burdens which feels like stripping independence, when we need some help, we need some help.  You can see the pill dispenser still has Saturday's pills in there, you know your back is absolutely killing you and mowing feels impossible.

Allow yourself to be transparent and share information - we're all so super private but this is a huge problem as your kids are trying to untangle the complexities of the business aspect of your life if they don't have any information.

Be willing to be uncomfortable - we avoid these conversations because they're uncomfortable, well I assure you, so is all the things that are about to follow if you don't have the conversations.  You can get through these conversations with compassion and grace for yourself and your kids.

Finally, be proactive -how do you see things playing out?  I hear people say "I want to stay home" well, what does that look like, what resources need to be in place, what modifications need to be made. Get the paperwork done, I had a POA at 30, because it's the adult responsible thing to do.

Michele Magner has a passion for connecting with people as we navigate the adventures of aging and family caregiving! As an experienced family caregiver, with many years in the Senior Living industry, she understands the challenges we are facing as we care for those we love.

A lifelong learner, Michele is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Certified Conscious Aging facilitator. She earned her Masters Certificate in Gerontology through UNO. She is the Co-Chair for the 2022 Omaha Walk to End Alzheimer’s, a proud sponsor of OWLISH, and supporter of the Dreamweaver Foundation.  She continues to share fresh content and ideas through her podcast, Inspired Caring, in addition to classes, 1:1 and group coaching.

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