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How to Survive While Living with an Aging Parent

June 19, 2022 William Corbett
Senior Living CT Podcast
How to Survive While Living with an Aging Parent
Show Notes

David Horgan is the producer of music videos for Will Smith, LL Cool J, Mark Wahlberg and New Kids on The Block. AMA Medical award winning writer and producer of patient education films. He is a Media Director for 30 winning political TV campaigns including Congressman Richard Neal. His PR work has been featured in national and international media (ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,BBC) Member of The Author's Guild.

David Horgan is also an award-winning author who co-wrote a book that every child of an aging parent should read. In it he shares his firsthand account of what to do, what not to do, and what can happen (the good and the bad) when a parent moves in. The book WHEN YOUR PARENT MOVES IN helps family members deal with the far-reaching implications such a move can have on every aspect of a family’s life. Written by an acclaimed expert and medical educator who’s been there, this straightforward guide walks families through the planning and execution necessary to make it work. They will learn how to:

  • Assess the pros and cons of an aging parent moving in
  • Anticipate and avoid possible pitfalls
  • Streamline and smooth the transition
  • Manage and protect everyone’s assets
  • Create a new family dynamic without destroying your marriage and other family relationships

With personal stories, case studies, and expert quotes, this book offers families the skills and strategies they need for an easy and harmonious transition. Learn more about the author and order the book at