Change the World

Creating a One Page Marketing Plan

August 20, 2020 Alecia Hancock Episode 11
Change the World
Creating a One Page Marketing Plan
Show Notes

Welcome to the Change the World podcast. I’ve been talking to a lot of people in our community lately who have told me they don’t have a documented marketing plan.

When I ask why, it seems that it is just one of those things you never quite find the time to create.

If you fit into that category, I thought you’d benefit from a really simple planning tool - the 1 Page Marketing Plan.

What I want you to do now, is sit down and create your own 1 Page Marketing plan. Grab a piece of paper or a whiteboard and divide the space up into 8 quadrants.

On that page on want you to put the following headers in each section:

  1. My goal from this marketing plan is….

  2. My target market is…

  3. The message my target market needs to hear is…

  4. Where I am going to reach my market…

  5. I’m going to capture leads by….

  6. I am going to build trust with my leads by….

  7. I’m going to convert my leads to this outcome…

  8. I am going to measure my success with…

Listen to the episode for more details on how to bring your plan to life.