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Ep 52: w/Psychic Aumara Bonnet: Voice of Oneness, Reiki, EFT, Energy & Ascension
Ep 52: w/Psychic Aumara Bonnet: Voice of Oneness, Reiki, EFT, Energy & Ascension 1:01:53 Ep 51: w/Crystal Abeel: Multi-dimensional Ascension Healing, Kundalini, Food Addictions, Major Empathy, Panic Attacks 1:19:58 Ep 50: w/Bruce “Poppy” Feldman: Heartless to Heartfelt, Patriot, Spiritual Seer, Galactic Signature, Bull Sh!t Detector 1:15:38 Ep 49: w/Nyla Nguyen: Twin Flame, Trump, Elon, Meghan & Harry, Disney, Parenting, Galaxy 56:26 Ep 48: w/Brandon Wainwright: Reiki Master, CA Police Officer, Profiling, "Killing Black People", Lock-Down Damage, Kundalini, Tyson's Gift 1:28:52 Ep 47: Twitter, Ward off Darkness, Dark Occult, U R Being Watched All the Dang Time 35:27 Ep 46: w/Steven Mathewson: NASA, Flat Earth, Orthodox Christianity, Sudden Deaths 1:03:21 Ep 45: w/Reiki Master Margy Flynn: Spiritual Niceness, Hitler, Abe Lincoln, Communism Alive & Well in US 1:21:48 Ep 44: w/Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot: Banned, Abduction, Artificial Intelligence, Close Encounters, Kundalini, Eternal 1:11:23 Ep 43: w/Lynn Everard & Louise Gomez: Self-Love, Past/Parallel Lives, Incest, Sacred Life Lessons 1:10:07 Ep 42: w/Shaman Todd Wilcox: Quantum Healing, Slipstream Shaman, Paranormal Adventures, How To Dev UR Gifts 1:05:19 Ep 41: w/Pia Smith Orleane & Cullen Baird Smith: Great Split/Pleiadians/Laarkmaa/Message of Hope 1:18:21 Ep 40: w/Anastasia Salichou: Akashic Records, David Icke, Greece w/COVID, Pandemic Amnesty 1:00:02 Ep 39: w/Medical Intuitive Winifred Adams: Keep in the Light, Music Business, (BOOM) Russell J. Gould, Stem Cell Patches & Being Prepared 1:12:17 Ep 38: w/Craig Campbell: Dissolving U.S. Citizenship, Grrr Papa Bear, Ye & the NFL 1:08:57 Ep 37: w/Joe Rosati: Musician & Actor on 9/11, Censorship, Underdog, Awakening is Hard, Where to Research 1:25:16 Ep 36: w/Sol Luckman: His Awakening/Virtual World/the Goddess Was First 45:03 Ep 35: 10 Ways to Up Your Faith in Yourself, the Divine, the World. 21:49 Ep 34: Frequencies & Emotional/Spiritual Meanings of Color 36:10 Ep 33: Frequency Defined/John Money/More Schumman/Something BIG this Way Comes! 30:37 Ep 32: How Much More Fear?/FBI Memo 6751/Zombie Apocalypse 31:08 EP 31: Voting Mishap/Special Needs/Gender & Sexuality Confusion/Kinsey & Andrew Tate... What gives? 45:07 Ep 30: More Conspiracy Theories & Where Our Finances R Headed ~ NESARA/GESARA 35:13 Ep 29: Loads of Conspiracy Theories & Anne Heche / More Help with Inner Work & Forgiveness / Tap Root 45:50 Ep 28: Get Your Kids/Teens Balanced & Happy Right Now 35:33