Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 13: Welcome to season 2! Let's talk about the Priority Mapping Method

June 08, 2022 D'Ana Joi Season 2 Episode 13
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 13: Welcome to season 2! Let's talk about the Priority Mapping Method
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Show Notes

 Welcome to season 2! It feels SO good to be back here with you.

To kick off this season, I want to introduce you to the Priority Mapping Method. 

If you've been listening to the podcast since season one (shout out to all my day ones!) then you know that we spoke a lot about how to focus as a multi-passionate. The priority mapping method is the evolution of that. 

In this first episode of season 2, we're going to do an overview of the Priority Mapping Method. And then as we get further into the season, we'll be breaking down these concepts even more. 

Today we'll explore:

  • How the Priority Mapping Method came about.

  • The 3 phases that make up the method.

  • Why it's NOT a rigid time management system or something that you can only get from a template or a planner.

  • How learning this method once will serve you for a lifetime.

  • And how you can work directly with me to learn the method in my new coaching program, Prioritize and Thrive.

Ahhh! We're back! So excited to be with you again. Let's dive in!


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