The Insurance Chatter with Reghan Brandt

Peter Hearn CEO at Guy Carpenter

March 22, 2022 Reghan Season 1 Episode 5
The Insurance Chatter with Reghan Brandt
Peter Hearn CEO at Guy Carpenter
Show Notes

Today I am sitting down with Peter Hearn, the Chief Executive Officer of Guy Carpenter and a member of the Marsh McLennan Companies Executive Committee.👔

After his Sophomore year of college, Peter opted out of playing hockey🏑 and pounding nails🦺 to study abroad and work as an intern at Willis Faber Dumas in London.

He has spent the next 44 years working with other high-profile insurance companies such as Towers Perrin Forster & Crosby (Tower Watson), Willis Re and Guy Carpenter & Company.

He is a man who exemplifies what it means to be an engaged and deeply involved leader🌎, one who values every relationship he makes and knows that trust, respect, and integrity will get you far 🛣.

Peter isn't just a leader who expects to be followed—he's a mentor who inspires his employees to do their best work 🥇. When talking with former coworkers and colleagues, their descriptions are always peppered with words like "humble," "gracious," "trustworthy," "respectful," and "integrity." Peter has taught them that defeat is an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

However modestly he may describe his own accomplishments, you can tell that Peter has earned the respect of those around him through his hard work ethic and willingness to help others succeed.  Peter has impacted countless lives through his dedication to the insurance industry🏢.

Listen in as he shares incredible insights on:
💡Finding and fostering mentors in the insurance industry
💡What job taught him the most for his career success (hint hint it involves a white ball)
💡How the insurance industry oils the wheels of capitalism
💡How Ivy Kusinga words have stuck in his mind about Diversity, Equity, and inclusion

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