The Insurance Chatter with Reghan Brandt

Garrett Droege Does The Chatter

May 16, 2022 Reghan Season 1 Episode 15
The Insurance Chatter with Reghan Brandt
Garrett Droege Does The Chatter
Show Notes

🙋Today I am honored to sit down with a truly exceptional man.

Garrett Droege is not your typical insurance guru🌐 . He rose to fame as an actor, making an appearance in shows like Dawson Creek and One Tree Hill but Garrett quickly learned that stand-in cameos wouldn't pay the bills 🎬 for his new family. So he temporarily took a position at his father-in-law's insurance agency. After scratching his head over the way they did business, faxing and mailing correspondence, he knew there had to be a better way.

😼😼😼 Garrett has an infinite mindset and knew that if the agency didn't innovate, its status quo would become a threat. So what started as a temporary job with his father in law, turned into 7.5 years of learning best practices and streamlining their processes with innovative and creative technologies. This mindset landed him as the CEO and Executive Director of TechAssure: a global network of independent agencies that includes specialists who collaborate to provide training, educational services, and exclusive insurance products and risk management services to over 4,000 clients globally.⬅️

As you might expect, 💪 Garrett is obsessed with finding ways to improve and automate processes; where he can help increase profitability and efficiency through technological innovations; as well as ultimately serve their insureds with better and more efficient products.

🚩Last year Garrett was recruited by Mark Ware at IMA; where he is proud to help one of the most innovative independent, employee-owned brokerages in the US build the best insurance and risk management solution for tech-enabled businesses.🙌

Listen along as Garret shares his insights on:

⏩💵Web 3



⏩💵Insurtech Mentorship/Investments


I am thrilled to have him with us today!