Creation and Compost

Ep. 22- Return with Revival

October 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 1
Creation and Compost
Ep. 22- Return with Revival
Show Notes

We're back!!!! Season one was an amazing journey as we got to speak with so many passionate folks that love the Lord and serve Him with their various gifts! I am excited to not be hosting "solo" as Kristi Jennings has joined me to help entertain, educate, and encourage others in the name of Christ!

We share our "Top Five Ways to Refresh & Revive", but also link to the most important subject- salvation!

Clay Johnson with Celebrate Recovery of Cordele, GA is our featured guest this week as we play clips from his 30-minute message back in September, 2022. He discusses his past with addiction and how Jesus Christ delivered him from 20+ years of vices that kept him homeless and helpless. We hope to have Clay on our show in the future to share more about his testimony.

Learn more about Celebrate Recovery:

Original video:

Listen to my son, Ridge, be baptized after receiving Christ this summer!

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